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  • Will Spencer Tunick have his largest nude photo shoot ever on May 6?
    "For some mysterious reason, a wonderful reason, the Mexican citizens are signing up in large numbers," he said. "The waves and the nature of the place will have the purest, natural thing in the world, which is the human body."
  • A Boston Herald columnist sees the absurdity in a society that uses sex to sell just about everything, yet every day there seems to be another story about a mother who is humiliated for breastfeeding in public.
  • An erotic art exhibition in Beirut challenges Arab taboos.
    Hassan Mekdad, 52, called the paintings shocking, however. "The artists would have been killed if they lived in an Islamic neighbourhood," he said.
  • Scotland's new regulations on adult industries might spell the end of the strip-o-gram.
  • 60 year-old Jean McConnell is one of the women who posed nude for Dove soap advertisements.
    "There were shots of us seminaked and one of me looking out of a window, taking off my dressing gown and letting it drop down. It's very tastefully done." She added: "I've never felt so liberated. The older I get, the less I worry about how I look. "When I was younger, I was just like any other girl and I worried about having the perfect body all the time. Now I know to make the most of what I have rather than trying to achieve perfect pin-up looks, which is so unrealistic."
  • A 30,000 year-old statue of a naked woman is evidence that sex has been about more than just procreation for a long, long time.
  • A Daytona staff writer visited a nudist resort for a story.
    I stretched my arm behind my head to maximize the breeze and wondered how long it would take for the discomfort to fade. Aside from the fact I was wearing almost nothing, I also was the youngest person there. What's the attraction? I wondered. The freedom? The back-to-nature thing? I was still getting over the fact that no one stared or acted like it was strange to have sober conversation in the buff. Cool.
  • A Florida park superintendent has no plans to declare Apollo Beach a nudist area since the agreement expired last year, although her legal options to prevent nude sunbathers are limited.
  • A Pennsylvania woman has been denied a teaching degree on the eve of her graduation because of a MySpace photo that showed her dressed up as a "drunken sailor". She is suing the university.

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