The Daily Newds

  • Officials in Clewiston, Florida, are proposing a ban on nudity in all commercial establishments.
  • A student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln needed a job and became a nude model for an art class. The experience was a little "surreal" at first, but eventually posing helped her to overcome her body complex. In a related story, a nude model at Bowling Green reports a similar life-changing experience.
    "If you are thinking about modeling, honestly, it's the best self-esteem booster ever," she said. "I've never loved my body so much, and I've never weighed so much either."
  • Bart Simpson is reported to have done a full-frontal nude scene for his upcoming movie.
  • A naturist couple in the UK posed for Full Monty Python photographs to promote Cornwall's Eden Project.
  • A school principal in Canada went to a nudist beach and his wife took an artistic photo of him at the shore, with no visible genitalia. The photograph was circulated by accident and the school system suspended the principal, calling it a "moral issue". Parents and students are overwhelmingly supportive of Mark Classen.
    About 100 parents showed up at a school meeting Monday night to discuss the issue. (School Board Chairman) Sinclair said there was overwhelming support from parents who said they wanted Classen back at the school. Only three parents publicly opposed the idea..."It's been blown 100 per cent out of proportion."
  • Topfreedom is gaining in popularity every year, according to this 2007 Las Vegas pool guide.
  • A Boston area cardiologist was kicked out of a store for breastfeeding her baby.