FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Erections are frowned upon in the nudist community. Anyone who gets an erection is supposed to cover up or take a long walk until it goes away. An erection can get you banned.

But not on TV. Male erections are celebrated by the pharmaceutical industry. If an erection lasts 4 hours are you supposed to call a doctor, but only after you've called all your buddies to boast.

Now Pfizer is launching a new ad campaign that is filled with sexual innuendo, with the type of language that will get you booted out of any nudist resort. And they are hoping to get away with the sex talk by making it all gibberish, a sort of nonsense baby speak that is suggestive without being specific.
“Viagra spanglecheff?” says a man to a friend at a bowling alley.

Spanglecheff?” his friend asks.

Minky Viagra noni noni boo-boo plats!” the first man replies, with a grin that suggests he is not talking about the drug’s side effects. The ads end with the slogan, “The International Language of Viagra.”

If it works, maybe the Bush administration will adopt the tactic in selling the war in Iraq.

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