The Weekend Newds

  • Australian nudists have set up the nation's first beach patrol to report any lewd behavior.
  • Many women suffer from poor body image, and the problem seems to be getting worse.
    Many women swagger confidently through business meetings and cocktail parties. But once they shed the armor of Diane von Furstenberg dresses and True Religion jeans, they become flustered schoolgirls, ashamed of everything from scars and birthmarks to stretch marks and small breasts. And in an age when many women yearn for the airbrushed perfection of Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston, it's easy to assume that men do, too.
  • There is more bare flesh on display in Germany as Europe experiences record warmth for Spring.
  • In Copenhagen, some female students removed their tops during a high school show. Although this caused a bit of a ruckus, here are no reports of any suspensions or dismissals - if this happened in the United States, they would have to close and raze the school.
  • Breastfeeding mothers in the Philippines will try and set a record on May 2.
  • German students all across the country are lining up to pose for naked calendars.
  • Joss Stone is quoted as saying, "If the human race was not insecure we'd be walking around buck naked because we wouldn't give a [expletive]. ... We are all insecure and it's silly to say that we're not."
  • Strippers packed a Columbus, Ohio, Statehouse hearing room and made an emotional appeal to lawmakers not to enact legislation that would effectively put them out of work.
  • A Georgia comic book store owner has been charged with distributing indecent material to a minor when he gave out a preview copy of Nick Bertozzi’s new graphic novel The Salon which has some innocent depictions of Picasso and other artists in the nude.
  • In the wake of the Don Imus brouhaha, here is a good examination of the ways that female sexual promiscuity is exploited in popular culture and the media.