The Weekend Newds

  • A play featuring full frontal nudity is coming under attack in Saginaw.
    Gary Glenn, president of the Midland-based American Family Association of Michigan, believes the play might violate a state law banning indecent exposure. When asked if he plans to see the play, he replied "absolutely not." He said he doesn't need to view something objectionable to disapprove it.
  • UK naturists are fighting to save their nude beach which is in danger from developers.
  • 200 Australian nudists are expected to gather on a beach to celebrate Anzac Day.
    "We have got family activities bringing families onto the beach for just fun and games, whereas the majority of people who are out there marching in the parades will probably just go to the pub and drink themselves silly," she said. "I would say our (event) is far more reverent than anything else."
  • The fashion industry wants people to believe that a return to more "modest" swimsuits reveals a trend toward more "simpler times". The reality is that you cannot get more simple than nude, covering up even more is a return to more repressive times.
  • A breastfeeeding mom who was with her family to celebrate her son's 13th birthday has been kicked out of a Boca Raton restaurant. After the woman filed a police report and hired an attorney, the management of the restaurant has offered an apology.
    Glenn Viers, vice president and general counsel of the Beverly Hills-based Hillstone Restaurant Group, which owns Houston's, sent a letter to Smith on Friday with the company's apology to the Bertuccis and an invitation for them to return."We mishandled the situation and we very much regret it," Viers said. "I can't un-ring a bell. I've got three kids and my wife breastfed. Stuff happens. We're human, we make mistakes and we strive not to."If any good can be derived from the incident, Viers said, it will be that awareness about nursing moms will be heightened.
  • In other breastfeeding news, the wet nurse is making a comeback among those with the means to afford the luxury.
  • Penn and Teller have weighed in on the issues surrounding women's breasts, such as topfreedom, augmentation, and cancer. The production for Showtime has typical male sophomoric humor but does raise some relevant points and is worth checking out. (hat tip to TERA)
  • 14 New Zealand women have posed for a fundraising calendar "with nothing but pearls and a few strategically placed farm implements to protect their modesty".
  • London is about to be invaded by 30 full-size nude male statues.
  • May 5 is Inter-College Nudist Day sponsored by the Solair Recreation League in Woodstock, Connecticut. Students from more than 30 New England colleges have been invited to give naturism a try. Here is a link to the Solair page.
  • A woman has been kicked out of the Miss Universe competition because she posed for some photos that prove she has breasts.
  • Jane Magazine's annual naked issue is due out in August, and stars to strip for the mag include supermodel Heidi Klum, snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler, and actresses Jenna Fischer, Denise Richards, Sanaa Lathan, Brittany Snow, Rachel Blanchard and Rachel Miner.