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  • Disrobed2: Richmond's second all-nude art show runs from June 1 through the 25th. Last February 3000 people had to be turned away. Director Amanda Robinson has created a show around the theme of technology vs. nature, with one piece called the "tree of life" comprised of 25 nude models.
    "Technology is man-made, so it can be destroyed and overcome by man," Robinson says. "The 'Tree of Life' represents other choices we can make."

    Why did Robinson choose to mount a show based on nudity?

    "Nudity is the true form of natural beings," she says, adding that the show uses bodies as canvases to represent this idea.
  • Camp NCN: If family nudist resorts are too tame for you, there is a new campground in Wisconsin that is being marketed as a nude sex resort. One local woman is concerned that the private establishment is somehow a danger to children.
    Where are the morals and where are the children? What kind of entertainment is that? It sends a poor message to our children. They deserve much better than that!
  • The Naked Truth: A Vermont writer ponders the Brattleboro public nudity issue.
    A good friend of mine, a smart lady with a terrific sense of humor told me that she would never show her children the capitol building in Harrisburg, Pa. The reason was, she said, that it was adorned with sculptures of nude maidens and she did not want her children to see them.

    Why is that? What harm could be done to a child if he or she saw a naked human body, especially one that is carved in stone? It does not threaten, it is not evil, it can't harm anyone.

    On the other hand, why would anyone want to walk, swim, or jog in the nude? Nudists will claim that it is more comfortable, more honest, lets you feel the world, and that it encourages a healthier self-perception. I guess we can accept this reasoning. But why do they have to experience this improved self-perception in public?
  • Ban the Boob: A judge has lifted the ban against an English soccer fan who bared her breasts in support of her team. The 47 year-old "mum" had been forced to surrender her passport and declare herself a criminal on job applications.
  • Nudism as Cancer Prevention?: Studies show that people who are exposed to less sunshine have a higher risk of developing cancers.
    Still, the existing evidence is compelling enough for prostate, colon, breast and other cancers that experts advise taking supplements, and the American Cancer Society is revising its skin cancer prevention recommendations, with the vitamin D findings in mind. This gets to the dilemma about vitamin D.

    Promising medical claims for vitamins A and E failed to meet earlier expectations, so scientists are cautious about what they say about vitamin D. Moreover, if vitamin D is beneficial and exposure to the sun is harmful, people will require clearer information about the best way to get it and how much they need.

    “The answer is to use common sense,” said Dr. Bruce Hollis of the Medical University of South Carolina.
  • World Naturist Day: Sunday is World Naturist Day and they are stripping down on the beaches in Ireland.
    However, Pat (Gallagher, INA President) insists that they're not a group of dirty old men and women, but a body-confident gang of lovers of the great outdoors. And he reckons that after you've felt the cool breeze on your birthday suit, you never go back.

    "Basically, naturism is a sort of lifestyle," he said. "People feel that, under certain conditions, they don't need clothing, like on beaches.

    "We've gotten used to this habit, introduced in Victorian times, of wearing a swimsuit, which are basically getting smaller and smaller anyway. We feel that there's no need for that bit of material, that it does nothing for you."

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