The Daily Newds

  • Don't forget that May 5 is World Naked Gardening Day.
  • Sonya Trevisi likes to hula hoop naked.
    "I prefer to wear nothing - then you get better grip. There's just less between you and the hoop," she says.
  • The mother of Berkeley's "Naked Guy" has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Santa Clara County.
  • Traditional Korean nude public bathing can be experienced in the heart of Los Angeles.
    Under Lee's relentless onslaught with her sandpaper-like mitts, I'm sure I have no skin left. Just before my back ends up completely raw, she slaps me on the butt and commands, "Turn over." I flip over and she continues her torture. No nooks and crannies are spared from Lee's blitzkrieg, including behind my ears and right down to my, ahem, more delicate parts.
  • "Dancers for Democracy" are gathering in Columbus, Ohio, to protest against restrictive new strip club rules. Chances are the new bill is unconstitutional, anyway.
  • Here's another article with a photo of the high school girls in Denmark who took off their tops on stage during a school show and began rubbing oil on each other's breasts.
    Headmaster Olesen said: 'I think they forgot what they were doing and where they were. But my concern now is not to punish anyone, but protect the girls who are now all over the internet. 'As for the students who recorded the contest, they didn't realize they had done anything illegal and I have had a long talk with them.' But he added that he had no plans to scrap the striptease competition at the school. 'I am sure nothing like this will happen again,' he said.
  • Palm Bay, Florida, has banned public nudity and alcohol from adult businesses. So what defines an adult business now that stripping and booze have been taken away?
  • Women in Guinea who engage in "dirty dancing" are being stripped naked, beaten up and sometimes even raped by men.
    One woman decried "this Wolosso business". "In a Muslim country like ours, we should not be watching and imitating these music videos. I advise all girls and women to dress themselves in proper clothes."
  • a 12 year-old Arizona girl used a classmate's camera phone to take a picture of herself nude below the waist and sent the picture to at least 10 other students. Her intent was to embarrass the classmate, but she has been suspended from school and could possibly face criminal charges. Contrast this American overreaction with the sensible approach taken by the school in Denmark when faced with similar student nudity.
  • A church in Illinois draws up to 125 people at a time for Christian movie night. While the extremely violent Mel Gibson film "The Passion of the Christ" is deemed acceptable family fare, "The Mission" was nixed because of the depiction of nude natives. The church could find itself in a pickle with the companies that hold the distribution rights to the films.
  • New York is considering new laws which would separate flashers from streakers when it comes to public nudity.
  • As many as 200 students at Concordia College went skinny-dipping to celebrate graduation, only to have the innocent fun spoiled by the police.
  • A picture of a naked 84 year-old man has won a grand award in Las Vegas.
  • Naturists in the UK have been straying from official nude beach areas because the signs are missing.
  • A UK rugby team took a nude run after losing a match.
  • Sunspot Family Nudist Park in Pennsylvania asks visitors to leave the beer and cameras at home with the clothes.