The Daily Newds

  • An Indian artist might lose his home for failing to appear in a court trying him for "hurting sentiments" by depicting Hindu gods in the nude.
  • A breastfeeding cover is a non-solution solution.
  • The Brazilian art-rock band CSS is celebrating female power.
    ...the lead singer, the deliciously named Lovefoxxx, walked on stage wearing the entire contents of her suitcase. After each song, she stripped off a layer of clothing, until finally she was stark naked – her cue to throw herself off the stage and into the screaming crowd.
  • Arkansas law prohibits the exposure of genitals to anyone except a spouse or a doctor, but skinny-dippers always seem to find a way to be natural.
  • A gang stripped a South African man and superglued him to an exercise bicycle.
  • Some people in Boise have problems with an art exhibit featuring photos of nude women.
  • A columnist took his family for swim lessons and was embarrassed when his family got a glimpse of him nude.
  • In New Zealand, developers want to turn a natural beach into a construction site in order to chase away gays and nudists.
  • A few more Spencer Tunick in Mexico stories: here, here, here, and here.

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