The Daily Newds

  • The Vietnamese Department of Culture has denied permission for a nude photo exhibition.
    Chairman Thanh also said that by the end of this year, the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Vietnam Photographer’s Association would organize an unprecedented conference on nudity since these two authorities haven’t developed special guidelines on this subject.
  • A midwife in the UK with serious body image issues has learned How to Look Good Naked.
    For Liz, being naked was avoided everywhere - in the bedroom, communal changing rooms, swimming pool or beach. She said she felt frumpy and fat, despite her husband Adrian, saying she was always a "fantastically beautiful, stunning gorgeous lady."
  • Pennsylvania is one of fourteen states that do not have legislation allowing mothers to breastfeed in public, and 100 women and children gathered in Harrisburg in support of a new law.
  • After photographing 18,000 people in the nude, Spencer Tunick gathered 105 Frida Kahlo look-a-likes for a group nude photo at the home of the famous artist.
  • A British woman went topfree on a Dubai beach and caused quite a stir.
    An Emirati businesswoman, L.A., 35, recalls being highly offended last year while she was fasting. "I once saw a tourist during Ramadan crossing Jumeirah Beach Road wearing her bikini and eating an ice cream ... It definitely is offensive to see such incidents here because it offends the local culture ... I blame the tourists who have no consideration to learn about our culture. "I also blame the authorities for not being more stringent with rules and regulations. All tourists should be given a booklet with guidelines of things not to do during their visit."