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  • Britain is gearing up for the World Naked Bike Ride on June 9...riders from all over the world are expected.
  • A Swedish psychology student has been lectured on her decision to pose for non-explicit nude photos in what is referred to as a "pornographic" magazine.
    "I don't feel that I have discredited her, but I have certainly questioned the action itself," said Erland Hjelmquist. As a budding psychologist, he thinks that she should have displayed more maturity. "Posing like this raises questions about her way of reflecting on the course content as well as her way of viewing her own self-image," said Hjelmquist.
  • Posing nude as an artists' model in front of a classroom full of strangers is one thing, and posing nude for a struggling artist friend is another.
    Suddenly, seeing fear in her eyes, I was no longer sure. This woman was my friend! I planned to show her my all on purpose! How could I? I wrapped the robe tighter around me. She blushed. I blushed. There was a long, long silence. I looked around me fearfully, like a Victorian virgin trapped by a cad.
  • What did a thirtysomething twice-divorced mother do when life got boring?
    She started going to Caliente, the nudist resort in Land O'Lakes, and eventually was hired to do their marketing. When she's there working, she's in a suit or long skirt and heels. But she does go topless and such for parties...(she) started painting with her breasts, dripping acrylic paint on strategic points and then pressing the canvas to her skin. She gives them away and auctions them for charity.
  • Iranian police are cracking down on women who are deemed to be out of line with Islamic dress rules.
    Women in Iran are obliged to cover all bodily contours and their heads but in recent years many have pushed the boundaries by showing off naked ankles and fashionably styled hair beneath their headscarves.
  • Only 21% of British mothers breastfeed their children for the recommended six months, and legislation is being considered to make it illegal to stop any woman from breastfeeding in public.
  • Dita Von Teese wants to set the record straight about her life as a stripper.
    "I've never had any personal issues with nudity," says Von Teese, who first posed nude when she was 18. "As for my parents, well, I paid my credit-card bills on time. I paid my own rent. So there wasn't much they could do." She was curious about stripping, too. "I realised there was a long history of pin-up girls who were dancers as well, and I liked the idea of that."
  • If you are with your mother in Korea and her favorite thing is to go to a public bath, then you just have to get naked, don't you?
    At the public bath, though, I realized that this exfoliation is very Korean; it involves a little bit of pain for a whole lot of pay-off. An hour and a half after walking in, I emerged feeling like a soft-boiled egg. My DIY spa experience cost $7.50 and I floated out of there feeling like the cleanest thing on Earth.
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