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  • If you have a foot fetish, you might not want to click on this story. A former Marine is hiking the Appalachian Trail barefoot and essentially nude in order to bring awareness to the plight of homeless veterans.
  • Is self-secrecy harming the nudist movement? Canadian nudist Paul Andraessen thinks so.
    ...Andreassen, who is spearheading a court challenge against Surrey after it stopped renting the Newton Wave Pool to his nudist group, says the tendency to be secretive hasn't been a good thing for naturists -- as nudists most often call themselves -- and their organizations.

    "There is a stigma associated with being in a nudist club," said Andreassen, who has been "into nudism for about 35 years" and describes the groups as family affairs.

    "I have for a long time thought nudists shoot themselves in the foot" by keeping silent about their groups. "By hiding like that, we don't reveal our true numbers."
  • A woman mayor in the U.K. has been barred from breastfeeding her son in the civic limousine because some on her staff "disapproved" of the activity. She is suing.
  • Sophia Loren has promised to do a striptease if the Napoli soccer team advances to the playoffs.
  • A proposed law in Wisconsin would make it illegal to use a cell phone in a locker room except in the event of an emergency to make "people feel safer" about being photographed when they are naked.
  • A grandfather in the U. K. wants to create a naturist beach area in Formby.
  • Breastfeeding will be promoted on TV and radio for the first time in Britain.
  • Why do woman get breast augmentations? 66% responded that they want to boost self-confidence. Only 3% claim that they do it to attract men.

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