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  • Nipples Nixed: Children's book author and illustrator Mairi Hedderwick has been engaged for a UK poster campaign promoting breastfeeding, but still has some problems when depicting the natural act of a mother suckling her child in her Katie Morag series.
    She says: "I always try to make sure that if there is a domestic scene and if Mrs McColl is sitting and comfy then she has the baby at her breast but I don't show exposed nipples any more because it just makes the publishers too jittery. They don't like anything that might interfere with book sales."
  • Bosom Buddies: A Muslim cleric has issued a fatwa allowing adult men to breastfeed from women colleagues as a means to overcome Islamic rules that forbid men and women to be alone together.
  • Naked Angels are Devilish: Full-frontal nudity in the Saginaw Valley State University's production of "Angels in America" is causing some moralistic outrage.
    The play didn't just show a few "bottoms." It featured full frontal nudity. That is immoral, and I don't appreciate my tax dollars paying for that filth. Enough is enough! I'm getting sick and tired of colleges thinking they can do whatever they want. That's being immoral with my tax dollars.
  • Keep it Covered: A columnist does not believe that nudism is a good idea.
    For young people, walking into a nudist camp is like stepping into a terrifying house of mirrors, a quick fast-forward to a future in which they will, as do we all, fall apart.

    Here, says the scene around the swimming pool, is what's in store for you, and there, as their dewy eyes swim across that tableau au naturel, is a graphic display of the dubious rewards of age.

    Aging is, in essence, the process whereby gravity gradually conquers us. In slow motion our flesh cascades, like a nude descending a staircase, accumulating on its way down ripples of cellulite, moles, scars, liver spots and odd clumps of hair.
  • Please Don't Feed the Babies: A town in Scotland was enthusiastic about supporting public breastfeeding, and then it wasn't. Public health student Victoria Adelesi polled local businesses.
    "After carrying out the survey in ten businesses on Great Junction Street, all ten advised they did not have any problems about women breastfeeding on their premises. Seven of the shops and cafes displayed the stickers.

    "However, after a two-week period, I revisited all these businesses and was shocked to find that six out of the seven had removed the stickers.

    "When asking why they were removed, I was advised that they felt being associated with promoting breastfeeding was too controversial and they preferred not to promote it."
  • You've Got to Hide Your Nude Away: A writer thinks that nudists are abnormal.
    There are nudist camps all over the country. I really think people who like to walk around in front of other people naked in a collective sort of setting like that are just plain weird. But if they are secluded, I don’t have a problem with it. And it’s not about young folks just bucking the establishment. Middle aged and old folks do it as well. They run the gamut. Some are perhaps exhibitionists and some of them may need ironing.
  • Generation Gap?: One writer thinks that the lack of young people at nudist resorts is a generational issue.
    Maybe that's the problem. Young people today are so used to almost virtual nudity — at the beach, at the movies, on TV — that they see little reason to pay a yearly membership for the same privilege.

    Then there's the ageism factor. Nudists are always yakking about how it's not a sex thing, it's a health thing. And I'm sure they're right about that.

    At the same time, we all know what the sun does to our skin. Can you imagine what it does to skin that's been totally exposed, say, for, a quarter-century or so?

    Who wants to bounce a ball around with folks who look like they're three years away from the handbag factory?