The Daily Newds

  • Bubbles 'n' Babes: A nude car wash in Australia might be forced to shut down because of a technicality.
    "Obviously people have nothing better to complain about," Summer says wearily, soaking up the afternoon sun on a pink rug in middle of the driveway.

    "They're obviously not complaining about brothels and strip-clubs that have been around for however many years, but then you open up a car wash and all of a sudden everyone's got… problems about it.

    "We're not pushing it on people, it's not affecting anybody, if you don't want to come here you don't come.

    "It's a job, that's it."
  • Pas de Nude: A Canadian dance ensemble performs with some of the performers in the nude.
    The new work mixes dancers in brief black leotards with nude dancers - a striking contrast. In the first nude duet, Ivana Milicevic's body had a brilliant glow as she made her turns in the air and was caught by Stephane Gladyszewski. Another nude duet had two muscular fellows, Emmanuel Proulx and Mathieu Campeau, doing acrobatic rollovers as though in some ancient Greek athletic event.
  • Ramble On: Stephen Gough has been arrested again.
  • OK to Roll: Cyclists in Brighton, England, have reached an agreement with local police so that hundreds can ride clothes-free in the World Naked Bike Ride.
    Chief Supt Paul Pearce had warned the cyclists: "It is very likely we will receive numerous complaints from people feeling harassed, alarmed or distressed at the sight of naked adults in public."
  • Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits: Belleville is buzzing with rumors of a topless hair salon about to open in the Canadian city.
  • Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it (Confucius): A Hong Kong nudist group is holding a nude photography contest to test the attitudes of people towards the naked human body.
  • Tonawanda No Wanna: Dozens of residents in this New York town voiced their opposition to granting a permit to an adult cabaret. In a public hearing on Monday, Catholic Monsignor John Ducette brought a message from the Almighty.
    “I am here because I know God is opposed to this sort of establishment,” Ducette said. “Anyone who looks with lust at a woman has committed adultery in his heart with her.”
  • I Gave at the Office: Patrons of strip clubs in Texas will be forced to pay $5 each for a state sex assault prevention club. Using this logic, one can expect Catholic churchgoers to begin handing over $5 each for a state abused children fund, and anyone purchasing a six-pack will have to add five bucks for a state drunk driver victims fund.
  • Put That Away!: A breastfeeding mother in a Wisconsin hospital was intimidated by a director who crowded her and blocked her from walking so that other people in the hall would not have to see her feeding her child.
    "We are saddened when it’s part of our goal and mission to help women feel comfortable breastfeeding,” says Kathleen Axelsen, clinical director of nursing special services. “That's not who we are. We want her to feel supported here and hope she accepts our apology."