The Great Naked Debate

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Kudos to Tom and Alexandra for their Nudist Day blog, which is one of the very best, and for their idea of starting The Great Naked Debate, which brings together the opinions expressed by six nudist bloggers, including this writer.

The question this week is "Clothes-free or clothing optional?". The results appear to be three in favor of clothing optional, one in favor of clothes-free, one somewhat uncommitted, and one who did not quite understand the question.

Dan at the Naturist Journal summed it up best for me.
I find that making events clothing optional helps people take that step in the door to give this naturist idea a chance. And there are others, such as my wife, while comfortable nude, isn’t always comfortable in every naturist situation so it gives them the freedom to participate as their own level of comfort allows.
If nudism is about anything it is about being comfortable, both in one's own skin and with others. For the seasoned nudist, clothes-free is certainly a comfortable choice, but for a first-timer clothing optional offers the most practical way to ease into the lifestyle.

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