Jane Magazine's Breast Guide

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Jane Magazine has its Guide to Breast Health online (hat tip to TERA). Salon Magazine has some problems with the slide show feature on "Perfect Breasts" because many of the blurbs accompanying the photos tend to perpetuate the false images of perfection that many women are struggling to overcome. Perhaps more helpful is the blog where readers are encouraged to send in their boob shots. Anything that helps to normalize and de-sexualize the female breast is a step forward.

Of particular interest to nudists is the article on the "Topfree 10" who are fighting to give women the same right as men to take off their shirts in public.
"Usually, it's legal to go top-free in strip clubs and when nursing children—basically, your breasts can be exposed only if they're in the service of a man or a child," Mark (Tietig, the civil rights attorney who is one-half of the husband-and-wife legal team representing the group) says. "My clients believe that the government shouldn't have that sort of say over women's bodies."

And don't miss the article by Annemarie Conte who learned to love her breasts by driving around New York topfree in her car.
Later, as I was zipping around sans shirt in a Mustang convertible, feeling a true sense of freedom and invincibility, I realized how hypocritical it was to celebrate my newfound strength of loving me for me while still hating my boobs. It was my boobs-for-beer moment, and the big lesson was this: No one even noticed I was topless. And even if there had been catcalls, like "Wassup, Asymmetrical Tits," it wouldn't have been a big deal. Because, hey, they're my asymmetrical tits, and I love 'em.