Spencer Tunick and his 18,000 Nudes

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Wow! Spencer Tunick's photo installation in Mexico City drew 18,000 nude people to the Zocalo, shattering the previous record of 7,000 set in Barcelona.
Men and women from a broad cross section of ages and social classes began arriving before dawn, although most volunteers were young men.

"The important thing is not that it's your body or someone else's but that you participate in something as a society," said Oscar Roman Munoz, a 25-year-old engineer. "This reflects the need for change and integration in world trends."

For Tunick's first photo, the models stood upright and gave a military-like salute to their national flag. In another, they lay down to form a blanket of flesh around a naked man in a wheelchair. Between shots, they burst out into verses of Mexican folk songs such as "Cielito Lindo."

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