Stifled Nudism

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY I just read a sad little post by nudist Rick in Ohio lamenting his inability to be nude as much as he wants primarily due to his wife's cultural and religious objections. Many men across the U.S. face a similar predicament.

It was not that long ago that men swam nude at the YMCA. In fact, bathing suits were not allowed. Little boys went skinny dipping all the time with no fear of reprisal from the law. The worse that would happen was that the property owner might come along and shoo you away. I know this to be true because I grew up in the 1960s and did these things. I also took nude gang showers in high school. Nudity is not a big deal.

So what happened, America? When and why did the human body be something to be ashamed of, to be covered up at all times? Why is the mere sight of a naked human being something to be so feared?

I've tried to answer that question many times on this blog, and I don't think there is any definitive explanation. It's party religious, with the Christianists railing against anything sexual; it's party political, with lawmakers bowing to conservative pressure to legislate nudity; and it's party cultural, with the sexualization of the human body in movies, television and advertising.

Dreadfree makes a good point when he says that celebrity nudity and young women flashing their boobs are doing nothing to "normalize" nudity. He's right. In fact, it is likely having the opposite effect. While a nudism-minded person might find such activity to be freedom of expression, those that argue against nudity are likely to say that such public displays are signs of a morally decadent sociaty, and politicians tend to always err on the side of the moralists.

Dreadfree goes on to say:
Instead of worrying about those who will never join us, our focus should be on those who are open to the lifestyle. Events such as the college day event being held at Solair this weekend are a great start. Events and community outreach have a more positive impact on the normalization of nudity than acting like the neighborhood crackpot. The nudist lifestyle will never be mainstream because it is only natural to want to cover up the effects of age, childbirth, cheeseburgers, and gravity. Most people will never accept any argument to the contrary. However, there is a segment of society willing to give nudism a try with just a little reassurance. They are our target demographic.
Rick in Ohio is a prime example of someone who wants to try social nudism for the right reasons, but finds his efforts stifled by the burdens society has placed upon him.

Like NakedJen says, "we are all naked and it's no big deal". If you believe in the nudist principles, you should practice them. You should make every effort to overcome the obstacles and just do it. You will be glad you did.

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