Wear Your Bike Helmet

I've been biking for nearly 35 years. Never had an accident. Last year I logged 2200 miles and this year I'm already up to 425 miles on my way to a goal of 3000 miles. It was on mile 425 today that a jogger with earbuds didn't hear my warning and stepped right in front of me so quickly that I had no time to swerve.

We both hit the pavement. He cut his forehead and his elbow. I had the wind knocked out of me and it seemed like forever before I started breathing again. I landed on my left side, and my head hit the pavement hard.

Or should I say my helmet hit the pavement hard. You really can't see it clearly in the photo above, but the entire left back side of the helmet is flattened and cracked. Me, I'm fine. After I got my wind back, I tried to find something wrong. My left elbow is a bit skinned but not bad at all. The left side of my back is sore, but the 2 margaritas I just drank have done wonders for that.

I don't like to lecture people, but here goes. If you ride a bike, wear a helmet. You have no excuse, they are a lot cheaper than treating a head injury, or funeral costs. I know I would have sustained a serious head injury, the helmet is testimony to that.

Life is good tonight.