The Weekend Newds

  • Punk rocker Sylvie Pussycat wants "people to rip off their clothes, get naked and start pogo dancing around their stereo" when listening to her music.
  • A Mexican woman was arrested in Texas when a Wal-Mart photo technician reported her to police for posing nude with 3 clothed children. Apparently it's legal in Mexico and she did not know that it was a crime in the U.S.
  • A nude motorcyclist was spotted in Sweden, but it would not be a crime unless the man was not wearing a helmet.
  • If you take off your shirt in St. Mark's Square in Venice you will now be fined.
    "St Mark's really is a drawing room, and should be treated as such," said the city councillor with responsibility for tourism and decorum, Augusto Salvadori. "Would you wander around topless at home? We need a drastic intervention."
    Well, since you asked, the answer is yes. Bottomless, too.
  • Nude photos of a 17 year-old Ohio high school student were circulated to other students, and naturally police are investigating the case as "child pornography".
  • Business is booming at a topless car wash in Australia. Police have not received any complaints.
  • A student in New York who borrowed a teacher's cell phone discovered nude photos of the teacher and sent them to some other students. Police are investigating, and the teacher still has her job and her anonymity.