The Weekend Newds

  • Many people consider it exploitation when a woman becomes a stripper and dances naked for the pleasure of men. So what do you call it when a police department sends out dozens of officers to drop $$$ for lap dances in order to arrest a few women?
  • A Northern Island charity is coming under fire for a billboard featuring a nude man and a woman in a swimsuit on a beach, promoting the idea that sex and swimming are good for a healthy heart.
  • Men are lining up in Scotland to learn the art of male striptease.
  • A 70 foot long balloon sculpture of a nude man is floating sans fig leaf in Milan's main park.
    "This wouldn't fly in the U.S.," observed 31-year-old American Adriana Spatafora, an English language teacher passing by.
  • A 15 year old murder case took a new turn with an arrest in a Florida nudist park.
  • Two female college students who exposed their bare bellies in support of their lacrosse team have allegedly stolen all copies of the campus newspaper with their photo on the front page. It is reported that they thought the photo made them look fat.
  • A UK city council has apologized to a breastfeeding mother who was ticketed for feeding her child in her car.
  • A Santa Clara student seems to have a problem with shaving "down there".
    I admit I am not completely liberated from the way society has spun pubes to seem strange and gross, but I do not think being hairless equates to sexiness. Women should not revert back to girlhood because they are grossed out by womanly pubic hair. A hairless vagina is like a porn star -- unnatural and objectified.
  • Two Indian art students have been arrested for painting nude pictures of Hindu deities.
  • The restrictive Ohio strip club bill has stalled.
    House Judiciary Chairman Lou Blessing, a Cincinnati Republican, says his committee has more important issues to address. The bill would require dancers and patrons to stay six feet apart. Blessing says wants to reduce that distance, calling it ridiculous and possibly unconstitutional.
  • A Beaver County woman has a problem with public breastfeeding.
    In my personal opinion, this isn't something I want to see done in public, along with kids with their underwear or private parts of their body showing.Why should I be subjected to this? Where are my rights? Private things should stay private, especially when you're out in public.Why don't we just go back to the times of Sodom and Gomorrah when they did everything in the streets?