The Weekend Newds

  • Bay to Breakers Not So Bare: A woman who has run the race for the last 10 years observes that the rate of public nudity is down in the San Francisco running event.
  • Doing It In the Buff: Comprehensive article on the Blogger News Network hits the mark most of the time.
    “Naturists do not divide neatly down political boundaries,” said Bob Morton, the executive director of the Naturist Action Committee (NAC), based in Austin, Texas. “No true conservative would suggest compromising civil liberties, so it’s not a conservative-versus-liberal issue. Naturists span the entire political spectrum.”

    The NAC monitors legislative activities at the city, state, and national level, lobbying on behalf of naturist interests and filing briefs in the courthouse to protect the naturist way of life.

    “It’s been very trendy lately to try to put skinny-dipping on the list of sex offenses for which you have to register with the state. It’s already passed in 13 states,” Morton said. “That’s ridiculous. Go to any nude beach and you will understand that in ten minutes. But people confuse nudity and sex all the time. They don’t bother to distinguish between the two, and that’s the root of a lot of our problems.”
  • To Bare of Not to Bare: A Connecticut theatre group struggles with the issue of nudity on the stage. The producer of the play, Ron Heinbaugh, decided that actor Bill Kozy should wear some sort of nude-simulating garment instead of actually showing his bare behind in a swimming scene.
    He (Kozy) said he worried the audience might wonder why character wears the belt thing under his robe. After the play's May 4 debut, Heinbaugh said he did not think the audience noticed the dance belt, although Kozy said he would rather have been nude.
  • Apartheid Nudism: A South African man named Beau Brummel is trying to open a whites only resort.
    Brummel insists nudism has little attraction for black people, and that white customers did not like “the competition” offered by black nudists.
  • Green Gymnosophy: The Catholic News Service warns its readers of "implied ogre nudity" in "Shrek the Third".
  • Naturist Nuked: A school governor in the U.K. has resigned after being reprimanded for being an open naturist, among other issues.
  • Funny How?: Thirty-one life size nude statues dotted about London are amusing people.
    Stefano Calusini, 48, from Waterloo, was not a fan. "It's bizarre and I think it's total rubbish," he said. "Roman statues are much more sophisticated."

    But Mimi Robinson, 44, a PA from Stockwell, disagreed, saying: "It's amazing. At first, I was underwhelmed by this one but it's nice to have the chance to see it close up. My nine-year-old son thought it was great."

    That was, at least, a more charitable view than the verdict delivered by one middle-aged woman who refused to give her name: "He's uglier than I thought he would be."
  • Moon Over Apopka: A Florida fire chief has been removed from his position after mooning everyone at his predecessor's retirement party.