When Nudists Attack, Part Two

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Dreadfree has responded to my first post on the latest nudist attack in Brattleboro.
I agreed with Nudiarist last year when he wrote that nothing good could come out of the events unfolding in downtown Brattleboro, and I continue to stand behind that sentiment today. However, I'm less inclined to pin this on the right wing moralists than I am to blame those who are repeatedly unwilling to exercise restraint and practice moderation. I've never been to Brattleboro, but as far as I know nudity did not become an issue in that township until it wandered away from the old swimming hole and found its way to the town square.
Agreed, it's indeed the flagrant flaunting of the nudists in densely populated areas that is the catalyst for this current dust-up, and right now it's the locals who are fighting back. But if this situation escalates, Christianist "family" groups are poised and ready to descend upon Vermont to intimidate the politicians into banning public nudity altogether, and once that happens there will no longer be natural swimming down at the local pond as there is now. Don't expect the locals to be nuanced on this matter - either public nudity is OK or it isn't. If you think that gay marriage and abortion are push-button issues, wait until you throw public nudity into the mix. Traditionally liberal Vermont is about to become a magnet for conservative activists.

There is no evidence that anybody who has been seen nude in Vermont has done anything illegal or exhibited lewd or inappropriate behavior, but these people are about to be labeled as indecent, immoral, dangerous, and predatory, and will be called sex offenders and child abusers.

Maybe this will all blow over again like it did last year, but the wound has been opened and it's not likely to be healed without some sort of legislation to clamp down on the nudity. As I've said before, politicians tend to err on the side of the moralists in issues like this, there is little or no support for nudism in the public arena.

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