The Daily Newds

  • In the Rough: A new survey indicates adults prefer a resort that is clothing-optional over one that offers golf or tennis.
  • Life Lessons: A California man remembers his skinny-dipping days and how that innocence has been lost today.
    Today we'd be run into the Sheriff's Station and charged with exposure ... the indecent type. Obviously a criminal act...I read more and more of kids getting arrested, questioned, detained, hassled in every sort of way just because they are being kids. I remember all the things we used to do and know that by the standards of today, most of the Hart High Class of 1968 would have been incarcerated at least once during our high school years.
  • Dirty Dancing: An Australian fast food chain came to the defense of its TV ad featuring a topless pole dancer.
    The board of the Advertising Standards Bureau agreed, ruling that pole dancing was " … a popular form of exercise" and "was not incompatible with family values". The ad "depicted a strong in-control woman who went about her work in a professional manner", because it showed her travelling to work wearing a suit, the board concluded, while the ad had not broken any rules regarding permissible levels of nudity.
  • Like Daughter, Like Mother: An Illinois plastic surgeon is encouraging the mothers of his breast augmentation patients to get a lift themselves.
    "Adrianna," 53, admits "I didn't used to be for breast augmentation--especially for my daughter, Karen. But after she had it, my perspective totally changed."

    When Adrianna, a surgeon, saw how natural Karen's breast enhancement looked, she decided to have the procedure as well. "Now I wish I'd done it 25 years ago," she says.

    What made Karen decide to have breast augmentation? "One night as I was getting dressed to go out with my girlfriends, I put the little 'chicken cutlet' enhancers into my bra and said to myself, 'If I'm going to do this for the rest of my life to look good in clothes, I may as well check out breast implant surgery.'