The Daily Newds

  • Barney Fife Lives: A deputy sheriff encountered a man walking naked along a rural road and ordered him to lie down. Something happened and the man was shot three times and pronounced dead at the scene.
  • Extreme Nudism: While nudists are scratching their heads about why young people are not participating in the lifestyle, an estimated 10,000 swingers clubs have opened nationwide.
    The Lagniappe Chateau in Shreveport, La., features a hot tub, a girls-only room with mirrors and another room where it's Mardi Gras year-round. Lake Geneva, Wis., is host to A Playful Pleasure, a five-acre estate offering two hot tubs and overnight stays. In San Francisco, the Power Exchange is a thriving 40,000-square-foot "adult sexual play space." Three years ago, Molto was promoting two lifestyle clubs in Texas for SDC Media. "All of a sudden, I'm representing 20 clubs in that state alone," she says. "It seems like a new club is opening somewhere every week." SDC also maintains, a website that helps people in the lifestyle to find clubs and parties. "We have 250,000 active members on this site alone, and we get about a dozen requests for new club listings every day. It's hard to give a precise number, but I'd estimate that there are easily a million Americans at some stage in the lifestyle."
  • It's Not Baghdad: A group of 20 naturist hikers in the UK went for a cliff-top charity walk and were accompanied by 10 uniformed officers and a helicopter.
  • Ndst Cmp Lak Vu: Ontario's oldest nudist resort is for sale to anyone with $1.7 million.
    But after two years of trying to sell the property to someone within the nude community, Mary and Edward Todorowsky say they'll be opening it up to bids from the public at the end of the month.

    "It needs to be the right people. It's not that we want to sell. We love it here. It's beautiful. But we're getting older. (My husband) Edward is 80," Mary, 75, says. "These days I normally wear a shirt to cover the saggy bits."
  • Nudist Mojo: It's lost and it needs to be found. Stephane Deschenes, owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park has an idea for bringing in a new generation.
    "...I'm going back to the roots of naturism. Some clubs that are trying to be inclusive have watered down the ideals of naturism ... Some of the clubs ... bend their values. Like clothing optional. Now you find people that are just there to look, and hang out with naked people. I think young people want to be part of something that means something. They want to be part of a movement. There are three core principles to naturism: respect for self, respect for others and the respect for the environment."
  • Bicycle Jones: Richard Collins has been a naturist for 30 years and enjoys riding his bicycle nude, once taking a solo spin around London.
    Richard has never thought of himself as strange. During his teens, while doing exams, he'd wait until the house was empty and then revise naked in the garden.

    "I never thought, 'am I the only one?'" he laughs. "It just didn't occur to me."

    In 1979, Richard had his first real naturist experience. He and two friends, who included his future wife Helen, bought a boat and headed off down the coast.

    "We dropped anchor at Studlands beach near Poole, and I noticed a woman naked from the waist up. As we drew closer to the shore, I realised she was also naked from the waist down."

    From that moment, Richard knew that his cozzie-wearing days were over. For the next 15 years, he jumped at any opportunity not to wear clothes. But it wasn't until 1995 that he combined his love of cycling with naturism.