The Daily Newds

  • Naked Truth: A columnist seeking more information about nudism tried to contact AANR and received no response. But she did make her own observation about nudism and age while watching her grandchildren play.
    Once they were out of the pool, they proceeded to strip and put on dry clothes in front of just about everybody.

    In fact, my granddaughter delightedly danced around the pool, apparently feeling the freedom of a clothes-less moment.

    Naturally, her mother's running after her waving garments, insisting on stifling her free expression.

    Clothes make the man – and the woman – and we learn that soon enough. Probably by age 10 when we want to make sure we're wearing the same thing everyone else is wearing.

    Maybe there is something to the theory that elders grow more childlike as years go by.
  • 40 Naked People and a Tree: Photographer Jack Gescheidt's Tree Spirit Project brought out two score volunteers who proceeded to strip down and protest to save an 80 year-old tree.
    (The event) drew people from a wide area. Among them were Annie Shao and her boyfriend, Ben Ward, who live not far from the lake in Oakland. ``Even with our clothes on it was crazy cold," Shao said. "We live near the MacArthur BART station and we come to Lake Merritt for picnics and just to hang out by the lake," she said. "We would not want to see all those trees cut down. We're not at a point that we can be cutting down trees,'' she said. Shao said she had never posed nude before, but felt the cause was a strong one and worth doing. She chose to dance around the tree, while Ward climbed the tree, also in the nude. "He's the one that's highest up," she said. "He looks like a koala bear."
  • Surrey About That: The Canadian city cites its reasons for refusing to rent a pool for nudist swims.
    In a statement of defence, the City says allowing nude swims would contravene workplace harassment policies for lifeguards who work there.It's also an issue if lifeguards volunteer to work at the nude swims because it would cause problems for lifeguards with more seniority.
  • Bare Berkshires: The 10th annual Eastern Nudist Gathering is expecting a crowd of 800 in Lenox, Massachusetts.
    Event organizer Nicky Hoffman Lee, 58, a Wisconsin grandmother and editor of “N - The Magazine of Naturist Living,” said the gathering will consist mainly of nudists ages 35 to 65. Though a half-dozen families are signed up to attend, and there is a kids’ camp, Lee expects conventioneers to be predominantly male and 98 percent Caucasian.

    But whether it’s the Naturist Society, whose membership is only $53 a year, or Rotary Club, Lee laments that youth today simply aren’t into community.

    “I think they’re just not joiners,” Lee said. “When kids get done with college they want their job and their car.”