The Daily Newds

  • Sometimes When We Touch: A Virginia middle school student ended up in the principal's office because he hugged another student, a violation of the school's "no touching" rule. On the other side of the planet, two high schools in Mumbai have also banned touching, as well as "clothing that is inappropriate or that exposes chest, shoulders, bare midsection or buttocks."
  • The End of Skinny-Dipping: An Indiana newspaper notes that the old swimming hole officially came to an end on June 24, 1932.
  • Make Him Wear a Whistle: The ongoing controversy in Surrey over the city's refusal to rent a pool to nudists took a new twist when it was revealed that one of the lifeguards volunteered to do nude duty for the skinny-dippers.
    "We don't want nude lifeguards...They need to be easily identifiable and in a position of authority."
  • Nudefest 2007: British Naturism is expecting 300 people this weekend for the event.
    Activities include workshops in massage, bodypainting, belly dancing, setting up a naturist beach and arts and crafts. There will also be a stall where you can buy Nudefest 2007 t-shirts, which seems to miss the point slightly.
  • I Don't Need No Doctor: Malaysians are upset about a folk healer who dances in the nude as part of her treatment.
  • Got Milk?: A group of Filipino women bared their colorfully painted breasts in support of a government ban on infant formula advertising and to promote breastfeeding.