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FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Sign at the entrance of a nudist resort: "Young single men with erections welcome".

Is this the future of nudism? EJP thinks so. One of his friends got tossed from a nudist resort for having an erection.
Why shouldn't an erection be okay? They're natural, it happens, and the only thing it really says about a guy is that it has a heartbeat, especially for younger guys. He wasn't being accused of stroking it, flaunting it, or waving it in anybody's face. Just having it - which he was obviously unaware of assuming he did. It shouldn't have bothered anyone - and to the extent it did, the appropriate response would be to politely ask him to cover it up or dip in the pool, not going running to management who in turn tells him he's now unwelcome...What behavior would I like to see nudists adopt? In short, exactly the same behavior at equivalent textile venues.
I admit that I have been trying to push EJPs buttons for awhile now because I've always felt that there was something a little out of step with his writings about nudism. The primary clue is his moniker, Gymnophiliac, which is defined as someone who is sexually aroused by being nude.

In past writings he has professed that people have no right not to be offended, so it's no surprise that he would find nothing inappropriate about a public erection. Oddly enough, he directly contradicts himself by defending his friend's erection and then espousing a code of behavior that is equal to that of "textile venues". Help me out, but I cannot think of a textile venue where erections are welcome. Even Pee Wee Herman was busted for his erection, and he was in a porno film house where the entertainment is designed for stimulating male erections.

When EJP excuses his friend's state of arousal as "he was obviously unaware of assuming he did", does he really expect anyone to believe his friend didn't know his penis was engorged? I'm sorry, but I've been fully aware all my life when I have an erection.

You just cannot have it both ways. Any male visiting a nudist resort is expected to maintain control, and if the occasional erection does manage to pop up, the ever-present nudist towel is a good way to cover up.

It's understandable that in today's sexually charged culture that some men might be prone to arousal at the mere sight of a nude female body, or by simply being nude. Such a person is not a good candidate for social nudism. If someone is interested in the lifestyle, then that person should begin by spending a lot of time at home in the nude until the practice begins to feel normal and natural. If arousal continues, then that person might be a gymnophiliac.

Nudists Joe and Natalie have a good Q&A section about erections at nudist resorts.

In his essay On Nudism and Sexuality, EJP also reveals something interesting about his way of thinking.
Nudists are agreeing that there's an arbitrary line of morality that dictates what's acceptable for public behavior and what isn't, and argue that that line should be pushed just far enough such that our lifestyle is acceptable, while continuing to condemn any activity that remains on the other side of that line. Even if you think sexual activities are wrong, if you personally find them offensive, nudists more than other people should realize that that's no basis for condemning it. More to the point, it's certainly not a basis for prohibition via legislation, especially if you believe (as I do) that the general public should learn to tolerate and accept nudity. If you believe that your "right not to be offended" by sexual activity is more important than the freedom of others to engage in it, then you completely abandon the moral authority to argue against someone who believes their "right not to be offended" by nudity trumps your freedom to be nude. To do argue otherwise just makes you a hypocrite.
EJP fails to take into account that societies have rules. Like them or not, they exist as the result of years and years of social interaction. For thousands of years, people have worn clothes, and it is not insignificant that most people will be offended if a person walks around naked in public. It's part of our DNA at this point, just as we smile in all cultures, we also put on clothes. To have utter disregard for the feelings of others is to operate outside of the norm, and to lose moral authority, not by abandonment, but by default.

It is perhaps due to the sexualization of society, and the pervasiveness of pornography, that has formed EJPs attitudes to nudism and sexuality. Perhaps nudism as a movement is on the wane, and a new sexually charged swinger movement is on the rise. Maybe all the sex on television and on the Internet is on the verge of completely breaking down the societal barriers that have formed our perceptions on morality and sexuality.

But don't expect to see nudist resorts openly advocating male erections. Ain't gonna happen.

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