Getting it Straight

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Tom Mulhall is lashing out at reporters, nudist resorts and fellow bloggers because his blog traffic is down and his Terra Cotta Inn is getting fewer bookings from twenty-somethings.

He is reacting primarily to a columnist in the Orange County Register who was dissed by AANR when she tried to get more information about nudism.
I can't believe it. Some idiots who manage nudist clubs do not follow up with a reporter's e-mail which allows her to jump to the conclusion that voyeurs are attracted to nudist club's open houses. The clubs are acting like the nudist colonies of the 60's where they didn't want people to know they existed.
Tom is dead right on this issue. I have tried contacting AANR for comments about certain issues and have never received the courtesy of a reply. That is why I am not a member of AANR.

But then Tom goes on to say:
Finally, I was called to task by a few nudist bloggers because I posted pictures of people enjoying nude recreation who were in their 20's and 30's. I stopped using those pictures here for stories. This is what I noticed. The traffic for my blog has gone down by more than half. That could be people wanting to look at pictures. However, we are also not getting as many phone calls from younger people like we were a number of months ago. That is not good as it could hurt the bottom line of my resort.
Tom is dead wrong on this issue. He was not called to task for posting nude photos of younger people - he was criticized rightly for using "voyeur" photos from European beaches, taken by people with hidden cameras for the sole purpose of arousing prurient interests. If anyone was promoting nudism as attracting voyeurs, it was Tom.

There are a number of factors that could be contributing to Tom's decline in traffic. One reason could be that each and every post that he makes turns into a pitch for his resort. There is nothing particularly wrong with this, he has a business to promote, but it gets tiresome for the reader. If Tom is keeping stats on his blog, he could do an analysis and find out exactly where his traffic is coming from, and where the decline exists. Blaming other bloggers for his traffic loss is just flailing at windmills.

Also, if Tom is not "getting as many phone calls", this could be due in no small part to the current state of the economy, where gas prices are through the roof and home sales are down. The travel budget is the first to be cut.

Getting it straight is important for all bloggers in the realm of nudism because so many misconceptions exist. Perpetuating myths does no good for anybody. If Tom is angry at AANR and reporters for dropping the ball, he should hold himself to the same standard.

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