Is Nudism Erotic?

Yes, nudism is erotic. It is sensual, liberating, comfortable, stimulating, exciting, fun, and more.

Glenn Smith in an article on Guardian wonders why nudists deny that eroticism is part of the culture, and that reason is perhaps why younger people are not participating in the lifestyle.
It was only when naturism arrived in a more sexually conservative Britain that sexual feelings were censored out to make naturism culturally acceptable. Locating naturist clubs in isolated locations, closing their doors to younger single males, condoning activities that limited views of genitals, and creating strict rules and regulations - all these indicated that sexual feelings had become feared and denied.
Not so much as feared and denied by the nudist themselves, but by the general population that mostly believes that social nudity is immoral and indecent. Naturist organizations have been forced to "hide away" because of people who do not understand the lifestyle and are fearful of "the children". Modern society lives under the scrutiny of the moralists who wish to not only control human behavior, but to control the governments, too. Politicians tend to always side with the moralists, thus creating the climate that discourages normal nudity.

It's a common misconception that nudists deny eroticism. Nudity in and of itself is non-sexual, such as taking a shower or going to the doctor, but what takes place within the mind is what defines the intent behind the behavior. It is precisely the way people behave in social nudism situations that determines the degree of sexuality and eroticism.

What most nudist organizations from upon is overt sexual behavior. The reasons for this are several, including the fact that many of these clubs include families with children, and any visible sexual behavior could redefine a nudist resort as an adult entertainment business and subject it to various laws and regulations. In addition, many people who visit nudist resorts simply do not want to be subjected to sexual behavior.

The Naturist Society has a wonderful collection of reasons to go nude called the "205 Arguments and Observations in Support of Naturism" (.pdf file). It directly address the matter of sexuality and how it is part of the nudist experience. Among the many points made in the document are that nudists have healthier sex lives due to the fact that they are more comfortable with their bodies, and that cultures with more relaxed attitudes to nudity experience fewer teen pregnancies or rapes. Nudism is the anti-pornography, making the human body something to be respected and appreciated instead of being objectified.

Smith concludes:
The idea that naturist environments potentially offer a unique space to explore the breadth of sexual feelings, and to experience these in a more balanced and real way, could make them very attractive to a younger generation. And breathe new life into naturism.
Nudists/Naturists have been espousing this view for many, many years. This is nothing new. Nudists are not sexual deniers, they are sexual normalizers.