The Sunday Newds


World Naked Bike Ride Roundup:

In Other Newds:

  • Shoot Yourself: How do Nigerian women feel about having nude photos of themselves on a cell phone?
    Afolashade Ajulo: I can’t do it. It’s not proper. It’s not good at all. In fact, it’s terrible. My body is for the Lord and my husband. I won’t even allow my fiancĂ© to see me nude until our wedding night.

    Chijioke Nweze: Me? I cannot afford to keep my nude photo in my phone. You want to know why? It is immoral, immorality of the highest order. No way, you can’t have my picture. My husband needs to be consulted first.
  • Sagging Membership: A British writer looks at the aging population of America's nudist clubs.
    Indeed, nudists laugh off as ignorant prejudice the widely-held opinion that people who go naked on beaches and at resorts tend to be the less physically attractive - a view encouraged by some of the US media coverage of Solair's college day.

    Nudism has also been attacked by the religious Right, especially over children's involvement. "Some people associate nudity only with bathing or having sex," said Miss Schnee. "I think it has been very healthy for my children to grow up in this environment and learn that people can come in all shapes, colours and looks, and still be normal."
  • How Do I Look?: Guardian asks several writers to talk about what they either love or hate about their bodies.
    Kathryn Flett on her tummy: I'm addicted to Channel 4's How To Look Good Naked, in which, every week, I am awed by the sight of women standing around in their bra and knickers being hugged by presenter Gok Wan - a man who habitually refers to breasts as 'bangers' and tells women they're gorgeous when (sorry sisters) they really aren't.

    As if this weren't bad enough, he then makes them get what little remains of their kit off for a soft-focus nudie shoot (for their shadowy husbands) and then makes (sorry: 'encourages') them to take to the catwalk in front of an audience - which always seems to include their mum, kids and best mate, but never the shadowy husband - in no more than a slightly better bra and knickers than the ones in which they arrived.

    And every week I think, 'Well, at least I look better than that!' But who am I kidding? I am walking around carrying what appears to be a prosthetic stomach designed by the Chapman brothers for a cruel and unnecessary sketch show entitled Little Britain In Hell.
  • How Naked Can You Be?: Pasadena strippers have been charged with "excessive nudity".
  • Monroe Doctrine: Marilyn's nude photos are still creating a stir. It is reported that some museum patrons in Dayton, Ohio, are upset over some of the 250 photos in a special exhibit which show the sex icon in the nude.
  • Get Naked, Win a Cruise: Paradise Lakes in Florida is offering its new members a chance to win a 10-day nude cruise for two as an incentive to join. Pete Williams, director of communications at the resort, says that the grand prize will be awarded when 600 new members are recruited.
    "Membership has been sort of flat across the board," he said. "Nude recreation, by all measuring sticks and surveys, is on the upswing, but studies suggest people are joining less and less of everything, whether it's a country club or Kiwanis Club or whatever.

    "We're a time-crunched society."
  • Unplugged: Offended art patrons keep unplugging a nude video installation. The video features artist Carolina Loyola-Garcia bathing nude in a forest with milk and honey and can only be viewed through peep-holes that are too high for children to reach.
    "I am very frustrated," she said. "I feel that I somehow stepped into a time machine and I'm back in the 1950s."