The Weekend Newds

  • Paradise Found: A journalist remembers the time he did a story on Paradise Gardens nudist resort in Ohio and tried to keep his clothes on.
    But a funny thing happens when you are the only person in a campground wearing a stitch of clothing: you begin to feel self-conscious. So, after half an hour or so of worrying that people were looking at me because my fly was down, I turned my back, unfastened my belt and began to drop my shorts. When they were down around my knees, a terrible thought flashed through my mind: What if this whole thing is an elaborate practical joke and, when I turn around, everyone else is fully dressed and laughing at me?

    Fortunately, that didn't happen. When I turned around, everyone still was barefoot all over and no one reacted at all.

    Although one woman did yawn several times.
  • Mommies Dearest: Mother of two Bonnie Crowder has started a web site called The Shape of a Mother and posted photos of her own pregnancy-altered body, inviting other mothers to do the same.
    New mom Erin Mecleary of West Chester loves the site. "When I saw the other women and they looked like me, it was such a relief!" said Mecleary.
  • Showing Bush: Nude protesters have demonstrated at the G8 Summit.
  • Ban Nudes, Not Bombs: A British parish council is considering leasing a beach to the army because it's being used by nudists.
    The army, which has a base nearby, wants to ensure young cadets are not shocked or offended.