The Weekend Newds

  • Decent Exposure: A Wisconsin editorial laments the fact that women have topfree equality in New York State.
    THESE DAY, ideas of modesty and proper behavior are considered hopelessly old-fashioned. Yet it is difficult to imagine the Founders ever thought the laws of the land could be sufficiently twisted to create the “right” for women to walk around bare-breasted in public places.
  • The Hills are Alive: An Oregon artist is painting a 150 foot reclining nude figure on a hillside.
  • Hanging Out: A 63 year-old British man who likes to sunbathe naked has been warned about his exposure.
    Judge Cedric Joseph told him:"This sort of conduct cannot continue. "If you commit and offence of this kind again you will be going straight off to prison."
  • Mondo Condo: Mira Vista Resort in Arizona plans to add 114 new time-share condominiums by 2009.
    "There's a big trend in the nudist community for time shares or condominiums," (co-owner David) Landman said. "They just want a piece of it as an investment, or a retirement home or a place to live. They like the lifestyle."
  • Bare Bodkin: A Washington D. C. area theatre group is presenting a nude version of Shakespeare's "Macbeth".
    Nudity is a pretty conspicuous trait, though, so when naked witches appear alongside naked humans, they all seem to fall into the same order of being.
  • Nudist Revival: Young Canadian naturists embrace the lifestyle but feel that existing resorts are in need of some change, such as adapting to a younger demographic and bringing activities and facilities more up to date. But there are other issues, too.
    “I get frustrated when I hear people say teens have no interest, because my feeling is that we are changing and may just be that at the moment we are going through a phase where that’s not something we’re comfortable doing,” she says.

    Another problem, these young naturists say, is that societal stigmas surrounding nudist camps still exist.

    “People who have never been to any nudist parks feel like it’s one big sex party, but it’s not like that at all,” says (Ayesha) Mitchell.
  • Podcast: A reporter for the Sarasota Herald Tribune has an audio report on the aging problem in nudist resorts.