The Daily Newds 7/24/07

  • Northeast Naturist Festival: 300 nudists are expected at Empire Haven Nudist Park in Monrovia, New York, for the annual event which takes place between August 7-12. Over 190 activities are planned.
  • Would you like a Squishee with that?: A woman wearing only stilettos and a gold bracelet walked into a German convenience store to buy cigarettes.
  • Cafe au Lait: Members of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition are opening the 2nd annual Breastfeeding Cafe inside Salt Lake City's main library.
  • Thirty-Love: Serena Williams is proud of her athletic body and shows it off in Jane's Magazine.
  • Pantsed!: A Louisiana Parish has passed an ordinance banning saggy pants that show underwear. Lawsuits are expected over the almost certainly unconstitutional edict.
  • The Eyes Have It: Miss Manners instructs a reader to look people in the eye if encountering nudity in the locker room.
  • Nautical Nudity: A nudist dinner cruise sailed out of Sheepshead Bay in New York.
    “We are bombarded with images of perfect people, and we’re taught that if we don’t have bodies that look like that, we don’t deserve to be seen naked,” said Mr. Ordover, a tall, tomato-shaped man who on this night was wearing only eyeglasses and a thick brown beard.
  • Arrests at Pirate's Cove: A Catholic priest was among three people arrested and charged with sex crimes near the clothing-optional beach.