The Daily Newds 7/30/07

  • Picture Imperfect: A photographer in the UK is encouraging ladies with "less than perfect figures" to embrace their bodies by posing for a naked photo shoot.
  • Forever Young: A South Florida newspaper reports on local nudist resorts and the struggle to recruit younger members.
    "We'd like to see some younger blood in here, but it won't stop the park or jump it into the next century," (Sunspot Gardens resident Bob) Fekete said. "There will always be people who find this lifestyle and they'll experiment with it the way we did."
  • Bare Ass Beach: Paradise Beach near Saskatoon is a place where nude sunbathers are left alone by park police.
    "It's a great place to just relax and be uninhibited," says Vic, 67. "You can come down here, take your clothes off, eat your dinner and have a coffee. Just watch out for those horseflies. They bite."
  • Sunday Best: A couple in the UK who run a nude website have not been kicked out of their church after a parishioner discovered their secret.
    "The Nelsons are very welcome in church. I presume that for them to be together for that length of time in an age when divorce is so common must mean they are a happily married couple. They are consenting adults and what they do in private is up to them."
  • Their 15 Minutes: A group of elderly Pennsylvania women who posed nude for a fundraising calendar are being celebrated on television, radio, and even in parades.
    Asked why she thought the calendar was generating so much heat, the 84-year-old retired college professor grinned. "Maybe it's the lightness of it, that it's not negative," she offered. Then, lighting up with another grin, she reconsiders. "And the fact that these older women have the nerve to do this."
  • Malice in the Palace: Security measures in Denmark are under review as photographs of a nude woman sitting in the royal thrones have been published.
  • No Lederhosen: A performance of a Wagner opera which featured nudity was met with disapproval by the audience at a German festival.