The Daily Newds

  • Tomorrow the World: Brattleboro is banning public nudity in certain areas of the town, but if Selectboard member Dick DeGray has his way there will be more areas added to the ordinance in the future.
    "I'm not looking for a townwide ban in every nook and cranny," said DeGray. "We thought we would start in a smaller region. This is the primary area of concern."

    If the ordinance makes it into permanent status, he said, the area of coverage could be expanded if residents ask for it.

    "I have no problem covering the whole town," said DeGray.
  • Naked Under Your Clothes: If you think you are safe from ant-nudity ordinances if you are covered with a blanket or a towel, think again. During the meeting in which Huntington Beach went forward with their anti-nudity ordinance, a strange debate took place over another law which prohibits people from taking off their swimsuits in public.
    This led to an exchange between Mayor Gil Coerper and Mayor Pro Tem Debbie Cook that was perhaps a signal of disputes to come over disrobing in Huntington Beach.

    Cook: "You can't see someone changing under a towel. They're not publicly nude."

    Coerper: "They're nude under the towel."

    Cook: "Under our clothes, we're all nude."
  • Pregnant and Proud: Elisabeth Hasselbeck of "The View" proclaimed on the air that she loves her pregnant body.
    "You don't get naked when you're not pregnant. You're pregnant all of a sudden and you're nude walking around, showing the belly. I definitely feel different. I feel like I'm more comfortable with my body when I'm pregnant. I see my body as a vessel of someone else. I feel more comfortable in my own skin."

    She warned, though, jiggling her breasts,

    "Be careful, these may come out next, Barbara."
  • Nude Geezers: Photographer Doug Wesley is shooting a bunch of elderly men in New Mexico for a calendar.
    “There is some question in my mind if someone is going to want to buy a picture of a geezer,” Wesley said Wednesday afternoon as he relaxed in the shade next to a barbecue hut run by one of his subjects. “But there is no question in my mind people will want to buy a picture of nude geezers.”
  • Chilly Willy: Greenpeace and artist Spencer Tunick are seeking hundreds of volunteers to pose nude on a shrinking Swiss glacier.
  • Every Inch a King: Actor Ian McKellan has been asked by officials in Singapore to cover up during his nude scene in Shakespeare's "King Lear".
    "But what would happen, I wonder, if I did take all my clothes off and instead of my genitalia, I was wearing a pair of false genitalia. Would that be thought inappropriate?

    "Call it censorship, call it advice, it gets in the way a little bit. I think it's a little bit silly," he said.