The Daily Newds

  • The Naked and the Muddy: The Roskilde Music Festival kicked off Thursday with 75,000 fans expected to hear bands like The Who and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but the wettest June in the history of Denmark is causing a few problems.
    Many fans dispensed with rain gear and embraced the mud. Ad-hoc wrestling competitions proved a popular early activity, with some contestants taking part completely naked.
  • Freedom Through Belly Dancing: Public kissing and bikinis at the beach are outlawed in Jakarta, but Indonesian women are embracing Egyptian Belly Dancing to express themselves.
    'When you learn the true form of belly dance, its philosophy is dedicated to embrace all women of all shapes and sizes and different backgrounds,' Christine Yaven, 31, a professional belly dance teacher told DPA, while wiping sweat from her forehead following a class.

    'Belly dancing gives women confidence, it will de-stress them from the multi-task demands in their life,' she said. 'So when we do this dance, we just feel like girls.

    'Especially for big people like me,' the heavy-set Yaven said, 'who are often treated like lepers. This really boosts confidence, and makes me feel beautiful.'
  • Bad Newds: Mary J. Blige is in Jamaica and has problems with nudity.
    With just a few more weeks to her arrival in the island for major music festival Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest, she reminisces on one of her past experiences here, stating, "It rained everyday, and that was at a time when I didn't have proper management and people around me, so we ended up at this horrible nude resort, that was not fit for me." Laughing, she adds, "It was a bunch of people running around naked, and I was wondering what was I doing there."
  • The Old Camp Ground: Men who once attended the now-closed Kennebec sleepover camp in North Belgrade, Maine, long for the good old days when men were men and boys were boys.
    Kennebec wasn't Parris Island, but it was close. There were no dances with girls's camps. One summer, campers lived in canvas tents instead of bunks. Some mornings, every camper had to swim naked for 50 yards in a cold lake. When camping in the woods as 8-year-olds, we had to build fires and cook our own food. The defining element of camp was color war – a summer-long competition in which the camp divided into two teams (maroon and grey) that competed in everything, including arts and crafts and drama.
  • Running of the Nudes: Hundreds bared their bodies in the annual PETA protest run in Spain.