The Daily Newds

  • Good Advice: If you are a Sagittarius, your horoscope for the week of July 12 advises you to get naked. would be wise to wander around town with no particular goal, responding with innocent enthusiasm and hungry curiosity to whatever scenarios you happen to stumble upon, pleased to be educated by the random flow of stimuli that come your way. If you don't have the courage or leisure to pull that off, here's the second-best strategy: go someplace you've never been and do things you've never done. Third-best: spend an entire day being naked.
  • Brattleboro Prattle: Vermonters respond to the latest public nudity crisis with letters to the editor.
    I personally don't want to see your aged naked body walking down the street. As for that matter, I wouldn't want to see a nicely sculpted body walking naked down the street either. That is the social contract; wear clothes when out in public. ~ Mary Blumberg

    There are so many other things to fear, why does this scare us so much? If we are so afraid of our children seeing a naked body, then what message does passing a law against it send them about shame and not liking one's self. ~ Ricky Davidson
  • Zanzibar Film Festival?: Yes, Zanzibar, but there was a problem in showing a film that contained some nudity.
    The censors objected to two scenes of nudity; the festival lobbied hard for the picture to be shown. In the end a compromise was reached: the film was screened, but the projectionist’s thumb blocked the offending bits.
  • Penis de Milo: A German author has pulled the plug on an American book deal because of unacceptable censorship.
    What could possibly have got the suits at Boyds Mills so hot under the overly starched collar? A painting depicting a gratuitous Roman orgy being viewed by
    wide-eyed 5-year olds? A massive bronze phallus gawped at by an awestruck group of pre-teens? Hardly. Apart from a tasteful nude reclining in a slightly blurred watercolor in the background, the main offending artifact was a tiny male statue and its microscopic penis.
  • Breastfeeding Bill Lacking: Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell signed a law that makes breastfeeding legal in all public places, but falls short by not adding language that would permit women to sue anyone who harassed or intimidated them.
  • Running of the Nudes Photo Gallery: A Croatian website has lots of uncensored images of the protest event.
  • Your Tax Dollars at Work: Lake County officials in Illinois have spent nearly a half million dollars establishing an adult entertainment ordinance. The county is seeking to collect over two million dollars in imposed fines from three businesses that were forced to close - good luck with that.