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  • Dark Days: First public nudity is banned in Huntington Beach, then Brattleboro is on the verge of doing the same, and now even nudism-tolerant Seattle is criminalizing clothes-free people.
    Three of the 57 participants in the Seattle Naked Bike Ride -- including one stripped, stripy Oak Harbor woman -- were arrested Saturday as they streaked into Seward Park.

    The bare bicyclists were released from Seattle police custody hours later after being cited for indecent exposure, a misdemeanor. But festival organizers say the arrests may mark a change in the city's usual tolerance of bipedal nakedness.
  • Words, Words, Words: Local theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has undergone some changes in the past twenty years, and audiences are more tolerant of gays, nudity, and moral issues. But when it comes to words, things are going in reverse.
    Several audience members were upset with a scene in "Peter Pan," which is running now at the Dutch Apple, in which Peter calls Tinkerbell a silly ass."That's the way it was originally written (in the 1950s) and it comes from a time when people thought ass was another name for a donkey, not a bad word," (General Manager Denise) Trupe says. "But because we've marketed it as a family show, some people are upset."Tinkerbell is now a silly goose.
  • If You Ban It, They Will Come: French authorities decided to prohibit nudity on a public beach to drive away the naturists, but the publicity has actually drawn more sun worshippers to the beach and driven away those who prefer swimsuits.
    “This beach, we have practically created it ourselves,” said one longtime habituĂ©. “For our part we do not find it inconvenient to co-habit with non-naturists, completely to the contrary. In the (philosophy of) naturism, the notion of respect for others is an important element. They reproach us for depriving families and children of using this beach. Why are they not using this
    bigger one, located just opposite?”
  • Bada-Bing: Four dancers and a bar owner were charged with violating a Florida ordinance which states: "No female person shall expose to public view any portion of her breast below the top of the areola or any simulation thereof in an establishment dealing in alcoholic beverages." Two undercover deputies were responding to complaints when they witnessed the crime.
  • I Sing the Body Eclectic: Almost all of the world's cultures practice some form of body painting.
    Traditional body painting ventured into the world of fine art in 1960 when artist Yves Klein painted nude female models blue and had them toss themselves unto blank canvases, a famous conceptual art moment parodied for cheap laughs in the recent movie Art School Confidential.

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