Huntington Beach Approves Nudity Ban

"I just find it unusual that some of the naturists that are here would oppose what we are trying to do – protect our city and our kids," said Councilman Joe Carchio.
Once again, in an emotional and irrational effort to "protect the children", another little slice of freedom was taken away last night when the Huntington Beach City Council voted unanimously to ban all public nudity.

The ordinance was approved even though most of the 13 speakers at the meeting opposed the ban, and 66 letters from around the world also urged the Council to uphold the concept of personal freedom.
"I have read the e-mails you (the council) have received and listened closely to the public comments tonight," said Police Chief Kenneth Small. "It is my guess that the overwhelming majority of those people have absolutely no idea what the facts or circumstances were."
Apparently some of the wording was deleted after the debate, limiting the law to banning nudity only when visible from a public area, and striking parts that limited public breastfeeding to children under two years of age, and tried to outlaw people wearing costumes that simulated nudity.

Another meeting will be held on August 6 with the ordinance scheduled to become law 30 days later. Tonight the Brattleboro Selectboard in Vermont will debate their proposed ordinance, and hopefully they will not follow California's example of ignoring public opinion and passing laws for problems that really do not exist.

The full update from the Naturist Action Committee can be read here.

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