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FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Jim Cunningham has been preaching the gospel of nudity for 20 years,
"But if the body is what the Bible says it is -- the temple of the Holy Spirit and the image of God -- then modesty doesn't mean always covering up, it just means comporting yourself in a way that does not cause lust in others," he said.

If you think Cunningham's interest purely prurient, think again.

The 53-year-old father of five, a conservative Catholic and former parochial school teacher, is blind.
Jim has published a new book "Nudity and Christianity" (link below) that brings together in one tome a collection of writings about nudity, from present day all the way back to the scriptures. The purpose is to bring the meaning of the nude human body closer to what God intended and to take the definition away from the pornographers who sexualize and objectify the human form for profit. The new book has no photographs "in hopes of reaching those who might be intimidated even by the most tasteful depictions of God's greatest material creation--the human body", according to Cunningham's web site.

Cunningham wants people to examine why they wear clothes. I can honestly tell you, as someone who is nude at home whenever possible, that nudity is more comfortable, liberating, saves money and energy doing laundry, and is the most normal and natural thing in the world.

Jim is on a Vermont Naturist Tour from July 10-15, so check him out if you can.

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