The Sunday Newds


  • Gymnophobic Monk: Tony Shalhoub returns in the sixth season of "Monk" and his obsessive-compulsive character has to face his prejudice against nudists while investigating a murder on a nude beach.
  • Hostage Crisis: The Iranian government is doubling the number of police to enforce Islamic dress codes, thus holding all women hostage to their own clothing.
    Women in Iran are obliged to cover all bodily contours and their heads, but in recent years, many have pushed the boundaries by showing off naked ankles and fashionably-styled hair beneath their headscarves.
  • Another Nude Beach in Danger: Australians are lobbying to save the clothes-free Miner's Beach after a coastal walk opened and passers by will be able to see the naturists. A poll shows that 80% of the people support an official nude beach in the area.
    Meanwhile, co-founder Alex Giles said nudists across Australia and indeed around the world were dismayed at the imminent closure of Port Macquarie's Miners Beach to nude beachgoers.

    "It is a terribly disappointing decision and one that highlights just how regressive some communities are when it comes to breaking down stale, out-dated taboos," he said.
  • Droopy Drawers: A Louisiana town is considering an ordinance banning saggy pants, similar to one passed recently by another town.
    The Delcambre ordinance targets indecent exposure, including sagging. The ordinance states, "It shall be unlawful for any person in any public place or view of the public, to be found in a state of nudity, or partial nudity, or in dress not becoming to his or her sex, or in any indecent exposure of his or her person or undergarments, or be guilty of any indecent or lewd behavior."
  • No More Steely Dan: Christal's lingerie and adult novelty store has come to an agreement with the city of Kennedale, Texas.
    The Christal's settlement ends the city's legal threats but requires the store to close by Feb. 28, 2012. It allows the store to display videos, magazines and other adult materials on 18 percent of its floor area until then. The store will not be allowed to sell certain items, including "anatomically correct" novelties, City Attorney Wayne Olson said.
  • Run for Your Life: A 49 year-old Detroit man has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for jogging in the nude.
    (Russell) Rotta told police he didn't indulge his habit to disturb anyone or receive sexual gratification and generally confined his running to open fields and wooded areas away from roads.

    He wore reflective tape around his arms, ankles, waist and thighs to avoid being hit when he crossed roads, the police report said.

    Rotta reported running in the nude six miles a day every day, weather permitting.

    "That is the one wild, crazy thing that I do that makes me feel alive," police quoted him as saying.

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