The Sunday Newds

  • Fighting Irish: Ireland is the only coastal country in Europe without clothing-optional beaches, and that is not likely to change in the near future.
    There are more than 1.2m naturists in the UK and Ireland, but Free resbyterian minister David McIlveen said he would be horrified at any attempt to introduce naturist zones on beaches here.

    The Rev McIlveen, who led protests over a lap-dancing club in Belfast, said last night: "I think the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland and indeed the Republic would be opposed to any attempt to advance naturist activity.

    "There would be very strong opposition and I would be part of that opposition."
  • The Naked and the Read: Author Jim C. Cunningham will be signing copies of his new book "Nudity and Christianity" this Thursday in Vermont, and the public is invited to strip down at the event.
    "The reason for this is to 'put our bodies where our mouths are,' living what we preach," Cunningham said. "The public are invited to express their solidarity with our message by also donning their birthday suits upon entering the book store."
  • Show Your Bum: 90 photos of people baring their bums have been collected for a Facebook group which will eventually be used for a poster to raise funds for research into colorectal cancer.
    Two men in another photo are standing proudly at the top of a mountain with their arms stretched in the air and their pants hanging around their ankles. This snapshot perfectly captures the project’s message and is a personal favourite, Ms. Nickerson said.

    "They just look so proud to be there and to be naked," she said. "They’re happy to be who they are in all their glory and with all their flaws."
  • Houston, We Have a Problem: Houston Mayor Bill White wants to see all topless entertainment establishments closed.
    "It's at odds with public attitudes, in fact," said Rice University sociology professor Stephen Klineberg, who has tracked local opinions in his annual Houston Area Survey for 25 years. "When you ask people about individual freedoms, they are very strongly in favor of allowing people to do things that they would not necessarily do themselves. That's what makes it a modern and progressive city instead of a traditionalist city."
  • Religious Police: Malaysian authorities have detained a Muslim singer and her band for baring too much flesh.
    Siti Noor Idayu Abd Moin's sleeveless white top exposed a triangle of skin on her back, prompting officials to charge her with "revealing her body" and "promoting vice".
  • Defining Nude: The Scottsdale Arizona City Council has held six months worth of meetings in order to define strip club terminology such as "areola" and "cleft of the buttocks".
    Councilman Tony Nelssen, for instance, learned that "nude" does not necessarily mean that one is without clothes..."It borders on the ridiculous," Nelssen said. "But I guess distinctions have to be made."
  • Heart's Desire: A writer visits the clothing-optional Desire Resort and Spa in Mexico.
    Guests can take part in (naked) water aerobics and beach volleyball, but it was "Desire Time" at about 3 p.m. each day that got everyone laughing. Desire time was when the entertainment staff would get volunteers from the pool, usually newcomers, to take part in sexy activities like body painting competitions or naked twister. "Left foot on blue" takes on a whole new meaning when the participants are starkers. Hats off to the entertainment staff Sylvia, Russell and Rocio, who do a great job, while ignoring the fact everyone around them is buck-naked.

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