The Weekend Newds 7/27/07

  • Less Gas More Ass: Organizers are expecting 800 naked bike riders in Vancouver this weekend to promote awareness of non-fossil fuel transportation.
    "You can be as bare as you dare, the important thing is promoting bike culture," says Ren Levy, a recent political science grad from UBC. "It's an opportunity to say down with cars, up with pedal power and save the environment. And people take notice because we're naked."
  • Double, Double Toil and Trouble: There will be drumming, chanting, healing, and even a Kidwitch Academy for the young Harry Potters at the September 22 Pagan Pride festival in Rhode Island.
    But something in the organization’s rules gave City Councilor Henry S. Kinch Jr. pause.

    It was the statement that there would be “no nudity or inappropriate exhibitionism” during the festival.

    If a rule like that is necessary, then nudity or inappropriate exhibitionism must be a problem, Kinch said.

    Before he voted with other City Council members to grant Rhode Island Pagan Pride an entertainment license, Kinch wanted an assurance that no one at the festival would take off his clothes.
  • Skinny-Dip Arrest: Two sisters are claiming they were wrongfully arrested and hauled off half-naked to jail after being caught skinny-dipping in Vancouver. Police say the girls were drunk and disorderly.
  • Nudist Club Tragedy: A 23 year-old mother of three perished in a fire along with her dog at the Riverboat Nudist Club in Florida.
  • The Belles of St. Mary's: Tricia Stewart, the inspiration for the movie "Calendar Girls", is hoping to inspire the Choir of St. Mary's Church Nether Aderley to pose for their own fundraising project wearing only strategically placed hymn sheets.