The Weekend Newds

  • Tableau Vivant: Actors will stage a life depiction of Manet's painting "Le Dejeuner Sur L’herbe", including the nudity, reviving a French art form that was popular in the 1880s.
  • Naked TV: Lifetime is bringing "How to Look Good Naked" to cable this January, based on the British show.
  • Sex Sells: Using sex in advertising goes back over 100 years, but today's "exhibitionism" in ad media is influencing lifestyles.
  • Try It, You'll Like It: Gerry Johnson has some advice for budding naturists. "It feels goods," Johnston stresses. "You have to try it. You won't believe how easy it is until you try it." (link includes video of blurry naked people)
  • Paper or plastic?: Employees at a UK cosmetics store stripped down to their aprons to urge people to buy products that do not require packaging.
  • Wreck Beach Day: On Saturday Vancouverites will be stripping down to celebrate the annual event, with activities that include body painting, kite flying, a nude art show, sandcastle building, and a nude group photo.
  • Nudity Ban: The Huntington Beach police chief will ask City Council members to ban all nudity because one naturist has been observed naked at his home.
    It all began when Michael Ferreira moved about two years ago into a home two blocks from Main Street. Neighbors started calling police complaining that they had seen Ferreira standing naked in his front yard and inside his Walnut Street home with the windows and doors open.

    "My son went to get Jamba Juice one morning, and there was this man naked," said neighbor Dawn Melton.
  • Geek Streak: A Group of students who made a naked dash at the "Geek Prom" in Minnesota were pepper sprayed and arrested by an overzealous officer. (hat tip to ReasonOnline)
    Prom founder Paul Lundgren says, "I'm giving him [the cop] the benefit of the doubt and hoping he committed a Barney Fife-like blunder, because I'd hate to think he calmly decided to pepper-spray a half-dozen defenseless, naked nerds."