The Daily Newds 9/11/07

  • Government Malfunction: A Federal Appeals Court will consider today whether or not the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" was indecent.
  • The Real Skinny: A new survey has found that only 6% of men prefer thin women.
    Lisa Smosarski, editor of More magazine, said: "Some men feel intimidated by women with super bodies and find it hard to talk to a body-perfect woman, let alone take their clothes off in front of her.

    "The truth is men are happy with us the way we are."
  • Nude Blackmail: 300 laid-off female factory workers in Bangkok are threatening a nude protest in front of the government house if they do not receive pay compensation.
  • Censured: FMH magazine has been censured in the UK after publishing a topless photo of a 14 year-old girl without her consent.
    FHM said it received around 1,200 photos of women either topless or wearing lingerie for publication each week. It added that it was "extremely surprised" to learn that the girl was 14 "as she certainly appeared to be older", the PCC reported in its ruling today.
  • Pluck of the Irish: A female Irish Student was the Naked Run Champion at the Roskilde Festival this year.
    The Festival Radio’s hostess asks Aoife how it feels to win, and she shouts her answer promptly: “It’s fabulous, liberating and a most pleasant freedom, standing here quite naked.” The crowd goes wild.

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