Katy Did

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Katy Evans never dreamed that she would be naked in a hot tub under the stars, but that's exactly what she ended up doing on a visit to the Buddhafield East Retreat on a farm in the UK.
And I wasn't alone, either. So what possessed me to commit such an act of bravery? I had begrudgingly agreed to go on the Buddhafield East weekend retreat at a farm near Halesworth. It was my first time and had heard stories of previous year's naked escapades. I had asserted, then, that if I went I would be participating in no such antics. However, by the second night, there I was, happily trotting between changing area and hot tub, starkers, with not a care in the world (OK, a few cares, but by then I had decided to stop being so prudishly British and just get on with it).
Katy discovered one of the great simple pleasures in life. Her three days and nights spent communing with nature helped escape from the hectic pace of everyday life and get more in touch with her own well being. Although she may not call herself a nudist, she found out just a little what nudism is all about.

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