Naked Britney = Bad Mother?

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Maybe Britney Spears doesn't use child safety seats in her cars and feeds her kids sugary drinks to rot their teeth, and just maybe she could temporarily lose custody of her children for bad behavior and exercising poor judgement. Most of the media seem to celebrating the singer's downfall, when in reality this is a human tragedy that deserves a little more restraint and understanding rather than blanket condemnation.

Now comes the "shocking" revelation that Britney might have appeared naked in front of her very young children. This sensational "charge" against her comes from an ex-bodyguard who apparently has an axe to grind, "hinting that she routinely struts in the buff in front of sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1".

Thankfully, at least one person came to Britney's side on this issue. On "The View", Sherri Shepherd admitted to being nude in front of her own children and did not see anything wrong with that.
She says her son will say "Mommy! Booby!" Asked how old her son would have to be for her to stop, Shepherd said "probably 8? Is that too old?" She was assured that, yes, that would be too old for her son to see her naked.Whoopi Goldberg suggested the cutoff age should be "when he starts bringing friends over" to see her.
We have gotten so prudish in America that even a mother cannot be nude around her own babies. Does this mean that if a mother is alone at home with a baby that she must be discreet and "cover up" while breastfeeding? It won't be long before even infant nudity will be taboo.

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