Philip Pearlstein: The Dispassionate Body

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY The James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, is presenting an exhibition of nudes by artist Philip Pearlstein, September 15, 2007, through January 6, 2008.
"Pearlstein is an innovative and significant artist in part because he created realistic figure paintings at a time when abstract painting dominated the American art world," explains Brian H. Peterson, Senior Curator at the Michener Art Museum. "This challenging exhibition questions our typical ideas of beauty and meaning in art. Pearlstein is not concerned with the human figure as the bearer of symbolic and cultural narrative; he is interested in a more dispassionate, playful observation of the human form in complex visual interactions with other bodies, objects, etc. Pearlstein paints what he sees—no more, no less."
The cool and detached nature of Pearlstein's paintings is more reflective of the reality of the nude body in everyday life. The images work to normalize nudity, to present it as something ordinary and natural. With nudism, what you see is what you get.