The Sunday Newds 9/16/07

  • Sweet Home Alabama: An art exhibition of works by women opened in Dothan's Wiregrass Museum of Art with a champagne reception including readings from "The Vagina Monologues".
    After the readings, (Art Executive Director Susan) Robertson told the museum’s female guests to be advocates for the museum. She said the Conversations in Color exhibit marks a new day for the Wiregrass Museum of Art.

    She drew their attention to a piece of art called “Man with a Stick,” which hangs in the museum’s lower gallery. The unclothed subject is seen from the waist up and is experiencing what Robertson called a “spiritual ecstasy.” But a companion piece of a woman cannot be displayed due to the subject’s nudity.

    “Sometimes it’s not about what you see; it’s not about what you know,” Robertson said. “It’s about what you don’t know.”
  • Holy Toledo: A woman who was told by a mall employee that breastfeeding was not allowed has hired a lawyer, and a local Ohio radio station is sponsoring a nurse-in to show support.
  • Running of the Nudes: A record 135 people, including a 6 year-old girl, participated in the annual Sopelana nude race on a Spanish beach. (Photo here)
  • Naked Truth: A Georgia columnist wonders why nudity is such a big deal in the media.
    I love to see America all out of sorts over nudity. We're perhaps the most sexually repressed non-Muslim society in the world. Individually, 90 percent of us can handle nakedness without flipping out, but American society (that one-hundredth of a percentage point that won't shut up about anything) is easily offended.
  • Best Foot Forward: Your bare feet reflect your personality as well as your emotional health, according to UK celebrity foot reader Jane Sheehan.
    Britney Spears: “She has tattoos on her feet and these are drawing attention to something, in this case thoughts about her relationships and the impact of her working life.

    One is the Chinese symbol for freedom, which indicates she wants a relationship which still allows her the freedom to work.

    She is very independent as she has a lifted big toe, and her toes go up in a line which means she is extremely methodical and hates being interrupted in the middle of anything.”
  • A Town Renude: The Brattleboro anti-nudity ordinance expires today.
  • Please Don't Squeeze the Chairman: Two men stripped down in the Garden of Health and Harmony at Beijing's Summer Palace and were almost immediately taken away by security.