Suppressing the Nude

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY A Michigan college student wonders why it is perfectly legal for a fat guy to walk around with his ample man boobs on display, but it is illegal for a woman to do the same.
Perhaps I'm one of the last true feminists, but our traditionally male-dominated society should immediately take a good look at itself and quit trying to shame women into being second-class citizens. Instead of making women feel ashamed of themselves by creating laws that forbid the exposure and expression of their natural beauty, we should realize the female body should be celebrated - not suppressed.
I wholeheartedly agree. The reason we suppress the female nude is that we fear our own sexuality. Even the thought of a male becoming aroused at the sight of a female nipple, even during the act of nursing, is terrifying. This is why we, as a society, frown upon topfreedom, ban the breast on beaches, and strive to wipe out any sort of public nudity, including strip clubs.
Exotic dancers should never receive our scorn. They only deserve our respect and admiration. They make our world better through both their captivating performances on stage, and also by providing some innocent companionship and joy for men and women who feel like treating themselves to a special night out.
I'm not so sure about the "innocence" aspect of strip clubs, but I do believe that nude dancing is protected by the First Amendment as a means of artistic expression. If we are going to allow Daniel Radcilffe to appear completely nude on stage in "Equus" on Broadway next year, then we must also allow completely nude dancing in clubs.

Suppressing the nude only makes it more taboo. It is the defining of acceptable nudity is precisely what makes it more prurient. It all comes down to that mysterious female nipple, which somehow threatens all of society whenever it makes a public appearance. The first step that advocates of nudism must take is to create true topfreedom for women. Even if women choose not to take advantage of topfree equality, the right should exist for anyone to bare their breasts to the sunshine without fear of public scorn or legal ramifications.

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